28 Essential Music Sites To Promote Your Music

Are you a musician who needs a few CDs for promotion and publicity? Or are you an entrepreneur who wants to test his marketing strategy on a smaller scale? Don’t be too intimidated to ask CD manufacturing companies for their services. Trust me-they’re more than willing to help! Most CD Manufacturing companies offer short run CD DVD duplication for those who only need a few CDs or DVDs. Most companies that offer short run CD duplication will manufacture CDs as few as 100 (or even 50!) units and they get it done really fast.

Years ago I taped everything on my cassette recorder. It sure did get a lot of usage. Now I enjoy listening to all my music CDs. The quality is top-notch. We have certainly come along way that’s for sure. Don’t you agree?

Companies who carry on the process of CD and DVD duplication should have the rights from the original company; otherwise it is called pirating. They should know the budget for the duplication; meet deadlines, use high quality duplicating and processing technology and answer all queries. Once trust and expertise are established, the CD and DVD duplication company will always be able to generate work. The new CD or DVD should not only look good but the material used should be of high quality so that even after a number of spins, the CD or DVD has no scratches.

There may be instances where large scale duplication may be necessary if that is the case that professional disc copying may be required. cd duplication knoxville tn on a large scale for say teaching material or maybe wedding pictures, in either instance the company that provides the affordable disc copying will do something similar that is done by the do it yourselfer at home. The equipment will be on a much larger scale but basically the same actions will occur. The original disc will be duplicated onto a bunch of blank CD’s.

Test your master copies on a variety of different playback devices to make sure they are formatted correctly. For example: Car stereo, computer, home stereo, portable stereo.

There are a great deal of resources available online to spread the word about your music and sell your music e.g. chat rooms, websites, podcasts, music communities, online music stores. This gives you an opportunity to get your music in front of a very captive audience ready to listen to your music, provide feedback, and buy your music.

It sounds like a lot (and I certainly didn’t start out that way), but believe me, at that time just my 3 virtual assistants saved me SO much time, at least 117 hours per month, so I could work on what I do best. That’s almost 3 weeks’ worth of 9-hour days, not even counting lunch or bathroom breaks, and I’m only counting 3 of those people, not the entire team.

And guess what? It’s all free upfront. They make their money when you make a sale. Talk about frictionless e-Commerce! It’s win-win-win for the artist – consumer – and AudioLife. TuneCore has some features in common such as short-run CD duplication, poster printing, PLUS the ability to list on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and just about every major online music store. But then again, AudioLife is not directly competing with TuneCore.

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