3 Easy Ways To Get More Web Site Traffic

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#1 Find a layout that you like and think others will as well. If you don’t know where to look you can go to google search and type in “myspace layouts” and they will give you millions of searches. My favorites are Pimp-My-See my reading list, Revolutions Myspace, and Free Hot Layouts which you can do a search on as well. These sites have less pop up ads than most of the others, but if you come across one while you are on these sites look up on the top right part of the page and you will see a link that says, “Skip This Ad”.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t meet the right person in a short period of time. One of the most vital of tips for internet dating is to have patience. When you try to rush things or have unrealistic expectations, you probably will be disappointed. Why put yourself through that when the slow and logical approach would be the better one to follow?

Social Media. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Zvents, Craigslist and wherever else you know of. Be sure your gig is posted. On sites like Craigslist, MySpace and Facebook – be sure you’re reposting every week or, as you know, the event drops to the bottom and no one will scroll down far enough to see it. If you’re using Twitter, be sure you ask your followers to retweet about your gig. Research shows that people retweet more when they are asked to rather than simply doing it on their own.

Twitter sends real traffic to your site, interested in your content, and ready to join your list if they like what they see. I have seen a steady increase in traffic to my blog and also in subscriber rates since I started posting my articles there. That’s why I recommend it.

As long as you stay focused on the topic at hand, you should naturally use the keyword throughout your article. Notice the use of the word ‘focused’. It’s very easy to get off track when you’re sitting writing. And the thing about article writing is that you don’t even realise you’ve gone off track until either: You’ve finished writing the article and realised it doesn’t contain any of the information you intended it to. Or, You’re still writing 3 hrs later and wondering why the heck you’re taking so long.

Be sure that the content on your Website is class “A” Web copy. Have rich, clear, concise information, which your visitors will be glad they found. Have every page optimized for targeted keywords, and get sales copy that will pay you!

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