7 Squidoo Network Marketing Tips

I always try to help the new guy first. SEO is not an easy game to play, but if you don’t know where to start, you will never succeed, so if you are an SEO expert, yes we understand this article is basic, I will be sharing plenty of high-end SEO methodology coming soon!

#1. Run effective newspaper ads. Many chiropractors online blogs run ads in the newspaper. However, they usually produce little or no result. The reason why is that the ads are designed to look pretty or develop brand recognition. A newspaper ad should be designed so that it has a special offer and you can measure it’s effectiveness before the offer expires. This is best done in a “Advertorial” style ad. This is an ad full of content that looks like an editorial piece. It is usually a larder size ad starting at a quarter of a page up to a full page size. Return on investment for these type of ads has been shown to be much better than image ads that try to build recognition over time.

Lastly, you will need to drive quality traffic to your blogs. How do you do this? A fantastic place to start getting readers is to start writing articles, like the one you are reading right now. You probably found this blog article through a search engine like Google, so now you know how much of a powerful tool article writing can be. Writing quality articles on your subject can result in thousands of targeted reader going to your blog. Having a steady stream of targeted readers is where you will make you money by promoting affiliate products on your blog. Once you spend some time here and there writing articles, you won’t believe how easy it is to pump out a quality 500 word article in fifteen minutes. Those fifteen minutes can lead to hundreds of visitors to your blog over time.

The second consideration is how much does it cost to produce a sale of the item. What dollar figure have you ever spent looking to get one sale? Many occasions that is a tricky question to answer as a result of the various promoting methods you can be using. You need to check out and give a best possible guess, especially if you aren’t the one setting the pricing structure. You will need to recognize where your benefit margin shall be as that’s the dollar figure when considering the product and the price of manufacturing and promoting the product.

There are plenty of other methods such as using Squidoo lens page to host some content and receive a backlink. If you ever hear of link wheels, building Squidoo lenses are almost always used and then become a part of the link wheel for backlinks. You’ll set them according to a particular keyword phrase, and they don’t take long at all to create and get underway. Imagine placing anchor text links on your lens that is a backlink to your primary website? That is a very good thing to have.

Be a Contributor. Find websites and follow me where you can submit your articles or be a guest blogger. Include a link to your blog in your bio, which is a primary way of garnering the attention of a broader audience and driving more traffic to your blog. Also, include your blog URL on your social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Place your blog address in your email signature, on your business card and any advertising you do for your business. It often takes up to seven times before someone realizes what you do and where to go to get information about your product or service. Don’t be afraid to be repetitive.

Watch many hours of Saturday morning cartoons. Start learning the fundamentals of cartoon drawing. Practice, practice, practice. If you love to draw, then with proper guidance you can learn to make cartoon and comic characters in no time.

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