Adult Road Trip Games

You know the great thing about Wii games? They’re fun and cheap! Used or new, Wii games are considerably less expensive than their 360-PS3 counterparts. To be economically friendly this year, make all your purchases used- whether on Ebay or at GameStop, you’ll be able to find plenty of good deals! For the price of one new PS3 game, you can get three high-quality Wii games!

Cutoff & Relay – Break your team into groups, if you have 12 players use three groups of four players. Make sure the players are moving their feet to the ball with their glove side to the target. I use the phrase, step-catch-throw to emphasize quick release of the ball. This is a good opportunity to make a competition between the teams and adds fun to practice as well.

I tried the demo, and honestly? It didn’t really do anything for me. I loved OutRun Online Arcade (make sure you get that before they take it down forever), and I really love Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, both racing can’t lose developed by the same studio which made SEGA Rally Online Arcade, but it’s just not doing anything for me. Maybe it’s just the demo?

Video games also can help with problem solving skills. When my son was playing his video game, he had to choose which route to take or whether a character on the game is good or bad in just a few seconds. This carried over to real life where he got better at solving his own problems and making decisions. He also got better at sports, such as football and basketball. Now that my son is older, he doesn’t play much Finding Nemo or Sponge Bob anymore. His favorite game now is a basketball game, which helps him play better basketball in the real world.

Bring money. The shops overflow with stuff you will want. Crystals, wings, horns, jewelry, perfume, artwork, leather goods, flowers..bring as much money as you can afford to spend, and no more. You’re going to want stuff, I promise! You’ll find delicate handblown glass, scented leather roses,and every kind of sparkly and colorful adornment you could wish for.

Another style of game will be distance games. These are games where you toss an object and try to reach a certain distance. Some games have an endless amount of distance you need to reach, while others are going to have a stopping point. Often, these best games will have power ups that you can use to help you eventually reach your goal.

Felton’s driving layup gave the Knicks a 113-109 lead with 2:13 left. But Kevin Garnett brought the Celtics back as he scored on dunk and then two free throws with 1:29 remaining to tie the game. After Felton’s missed layup attempt, Allen gave the Celtics the lead with three pointer from the corner to give Boston a 116-113 lead.

Alan Wake: The Writer doesn’t do much to set itself apart from The Signal DLC but it does give a satisfying ending and more Alan Wake to play albeit briefly. If your an Alan Wake fan, pick this up. If you didn’t really like the main adventure, you better pass. My review rating is based on downloadable content not a full retail game!!

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