Article Writing Tips – How To Really Pump Out 10 Or More Articles Per Day!

Basically, the common factor in all possible combinations is low competition. This ensures that you control a large portion of the traffic affiliated with the topic in question.

I know that speaking in public can be a hassle at times and it can be tough to get a crowd in to what you have to say. This is why you should have a list of fun public speaking Contribute to the project at your disposal. With a list of topics at your disposal, it’s easy for the audience to get engaged into what you have to say. Now without further ado, let’s take a look at some fun public speaking topics.

The problem with the list is that all the topics are already extremely saturated. There’s a lot of competition within the topics for the best keywords and each topic has more than tens of Online content everyday thousands of sites already catering for them.

You should know exactly which search engines are directing people to your blog. Moreover you should also know the keywords that are bringing people to your blog. Always prepare the content with those keywords that are working for you. Once you realize, the search engines are sending you visitors, monitor where you fall on that search engines pages.

From the above initial list, go through the list for a further few times until you can come up with a shortlist. This is the very reason why I strongly suggest doing a mind map since you are able to have a clear idea of all the topics involved. For all you know, you can even discover new topics that are related to the main topics you have listed down.

I create content everyday and market that content. In fact you are reading this content now. Then I re-purpose this content. This is my daily method of operation. What is yours?

This is in fact the very principal that you should use to write articles on different topics for all kind of niches. With practice this is also a very fast technique that will allow you to write at least 10 articles a day very easily, and even more if so you desire.

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