Christmas Office Party Games

Christmas is around the corner and it is a great time to have a gathering with your friends and family during the holidays. How about throwing your own Christmas party? You can have your Christmas party within your budget as long as you follow these tips.

Barbecue – Barbecues are a real treat during summer. It is always fun to grill some barbecues at the backyard, beach, or at the park. Grilled Recipes – Grilled recipes can also be cooked together with barbecues. Grilled seafood would be a perfect match for your beach-themed party.

You might not have even begun to think about the entertainment for after the meal. What about stilt walkers, magicians, or dancers? Or perhaps you’ll think of your own entertainment ideas.

Seashells & Starfishes- Aren’t we fond of collecting seashells and starfishes at the shore? We are all fascinated by these sea creatures so it would be understandable if we include them in our beach parties. They are not only ideal as party and wedding favors but also as decorations.

Do a little research. Your Office plan a festival will have a dress code (casual, semi-formal, formal, black tie etc) so make sure you know what it is. Also, ask your colleagues what they are wearing so you know you will fit in.

If you belong to Generation Y, I am sure you are energetic. So you are reminded to keep yourself at tip-top condition. Let’s work out a Summer party which enables you to sweat a lot. You are recommended to organize the party in the local park because you can have all types of activities in such a big area. You can organize games like softball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, team sports, etc. Let the guests choose what they like to play. In addition, you can consider getting a dance instructor to join the party so that he or she can teach the guests some popular dances such as Salsa and hula dancing.

Invite your guest to wear a pirate costume. No need to buy anything, just something homemade. Old jeans and a torn t-shirt would work. Let guest know that you will supply pirate eye patches, hats, and bandanas as favors for each guest.

Having summer parties in the park is indeed great because there is a lot of space which you can make use of. You can enjoy the sunlight during day time and enjoy the moonlight at night. In order to make all the guests happy, make sure they enjoy free flow cold beer and iced fruit juices. At the same time, you are suggested to get ready plenty of finger food and fruits. Please bear in mind that you need to get permission from the local park department if you are serving alcohol.

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