Compact Digital Camera Reviews – Which One Should You Buy?

The camera industry has certainly advanced throughout time, from images on silver chloride paper to the invention of digital. With so many different choices available, choosing a suitable appears to be as difficult as rocket science. There’s no denying that digital reviews are helpful but only to a certain extent. Digital reviews are normally divided into 5 sections, point and shoot, DLSRs, compact interchangeable-lens, super zoom and tough rugged.

If you’re facing such conundrum, perhaps you should consider purchasing lower priced cameras. Considering how you won’t be using the machine much, its life span should be just as great as ordinary priced cameras. You’d actually be surprised how worth it cheap digital cameras can be these days. For a mere USD 300.00 as your budget, here are the top 5 cheap digital cameras that are available in the market.

It is important you know that like in any other field plenty of 3D accessories are available for further purchase, 3D starters kits, 3D printing, 3D displays, SDHC memory cards and more.

There is one more candidate worth checking. The Apitek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder; The Apitek is a 3D Camcorder that can capture 3D high-definition videos and 3D stills and cost less than $200. Now for children or teens, this opens new possibilities to buy and play with – Full 3D HD camcorder under $200!

With the HS system, the camera will handle photos in a more efficient way as to provide better low light imaging. The camera interprets low light situations differently than its predecessors, causing faster shutter speeds and more light on the sensor, thus giving better, less noisy images.

The camera will be in manual mode, so set the shutter speed so you get correct exposure at a low-ish fstop (perhaps f4). Then, adjust the fstop to higher numbers so you are letting less light in, gradually under exposing. Ideally you want to close down at least 5stops. As in the highlight test, expose at each 1/3 stop closing the lens up to minimum aperture (f22 or whatever your lens is capable of). You will note on the back of your best 360 camera the image starting with out blown out whites, then getting darker and eventually losing a lot of detail as you go through the steps.

Did I know how to replace the their camera’s batteries or could I show them how to “un-jam” their old, tired, warn out, needed replacing years ago camera?

The fifth camera that I would recommend is the Nikon CoolPix L4. This 4 megapixel camera is able to produce 11 x 14 inch photo prints. It has a 3x optical zoom and a 2.0 inch LCD screen. This camera is installed with a BSS function that helps you select the most ideal shot. This machine weighs a pound and is 4.3 x 3 x 1 inches big.

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