Country Guitar Lesson – Learning The Notes

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5- Stop feeding yourself mental fast-food. Instead of formulaic sit-coms and celebrity-buzz soundbytes, why not listen to audio-books on subjects you’ve always been interested in but never had the time to check out? Read, find a hobby that engages other aspects of yourself — for example, if you write for a living, try taking bass guitar lessons, or learn how to create a website — there are tons of instructional videos on the Net.

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As I said earlier, mastering is different than mixing. Now that you have recorded and mixed your tracks down to a stereo track you are ready for mastering. Go ahead and normalize your file to -6 dB. This will leave you headroom to work with. Don’t worry. When you’re done with the mastering stage you normalize to -.5 dB. Headroom is just like it sounds. It is the space between where you are at and where you want to be in decibels.

You’ve probably heard this one before, but most people don’t practice it. Stand in front of a mirror and draw in a deep breath. Notice what expands with your breath. If it’s your chest, then you aren’t breathing correctly. Your stomach should expand while your chest remains still.

If you have considerable space between when an instrument last sounded to it sounding again (a rest), select the blank space and process it to silence. This ensures no finger noises or breath or stool creaks creep into the track.

P!nk finished the evening with a great version of “Glitter In the Air” by being elevated above the stage by long sheets of cloth. At one point during the song she was lowered out of view from where I was watching and re-emerged soaking wet to great dramatic effect. As she spun above the stage she showered by crowd with water that she had been immersed in. Pure theatre and truly spectacular!

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