Data Recovery Is Never Expected – Be Prepared!

There’s a funny moment in Spaceballs when the villains realize the Self Destruct Cancellation button is broken and Dark Helmet curses “Even in the future nothing works!” Equipment failure is inevitable. Prepare for it and you won’t suffer the consequences.

You see keystroke loggers record any keystroke you make on your keyboard. In other words, when you type in your password on your keyboard to unlock a secured USB thumb drive, and if a hacker has gotten a program of theirs on your device it would record your password as you type them (all of them). Every so often these keyloger programs send these simple text files via a build in e-mail program to their own e-mail inbox. This is bad!

If at all possible, it’s best to ship the drive in its original packaging. Manufacturers prepare the packaging to ensure the drive is kept as safe as possible and using their packaging takes the guesswork out preparing the drive for shipping.

Here is an example. Recently I made a big mistake. I had a vast amount of data on my computer, NOT backed up. My hard drive crashed. That cost me a lot. Time and money, not to mention headache and stress. But it took me about 3 seconds to learn from that mistake. BACK UP. (Okay, maybe a bit more time in deciding which backup system to use, how and why, and also to learn about forensic hard drive dallas data recovery.) But my point is I screwed up royally, accepted my mistake, learned from it, and am moving on.

A common cause of USB thumb drive damage is from users plugging these devices into their laptop or ground based desktops and bumping the device while it is plugged in. This causes the part of the USB thumb drive that plugs into the USB slot on their computer to break off. Most of these breaks are very serious as the internal circuits and parts inside the USB thumb drive are permanently damaged. “USB Device Not Recognized” error messages may appear after such an incident.

The other problem that LBA is detected as 0 is a typical failure for Barracuda 7200.11 hard drive. Such drives can be detected normally but the data area is inaccessible with LBA 0 GB.

If several of our tools are purchased, you will have enough components to remove as many heads as you want. A single tool will handle 1-6 heads. Two tools can be combined to remove 12 heads not that we see many drives like that in this day and age.

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