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Think about how you felt when you first started dating your significant other. Did you get butterflies in your stomach? Did you lie awake at night thinking about their cute little smile? Take yourself back to the days when they didn’t have any faults, when everything was brand new and the possibilities for your relationship were limitless. Just remembering this stage of your relationship will help bring you back to that “puppy love” frame of mind.

Stage 4: This stage is the deepest part of your sleep. If you were to get woken up during this stage, you would be very groggy, and hard to wake up. You might also be disoriented for a falling asleep while after being woken up from this stage. This is also one of the most important stages of your sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep at night, this is the stage that your body tries to make up first.

While you are taking signs into consideration you should also make sure that you are taking the conditions of the road into consideration. You should not be speeding on the freeway when the weather is horrible.

Believe it or not but exercise before bedtime can help you fend off insomnia. Doing some low impact cardio a few hours before bedtime can help you release the energy of the day and help you to unwind before bed. Also limit the amount of food and fluid you consume before bed as well. Digestion of food during the middle of the night may wake you up and keep you up as well.

Most people are afraid to speak in front of a group because they are self conscious, think they are being judged or worse yet, think people will fall liquid sleep aid during their presentation. Get over it and stop worrying about what other people think! I guaranty you, when you know your subject matter, prepare, and are passionate and have information to share that will benefit those in the audience, you will look forward to speaking engagements. Yes, look forward to it. You’re kidding right? Not hardly.

People often use pillows in order to shield themselves from the heat of the laptop and to put the laptop in a higher position so they will be able to see the screen. However, the pillow does not provide the convenient posture that they need to be able to be comfortable in their position. They will still slouch and change their position every time they feel pain in their neck and back.

In the most danger this week are Haeley Vaughn, Michelle Delamor, and Didi Benami, with a faint possibility of a wild card from Paige Miles, who hasn’t had enough exposure so far to guarantee her safe passage. Much as I’d like to see Haeley packing her bags, I think her quirky personality has probably endeared her to enough people to keep her safe. This means it will probably be Didi and Michelle heading home.

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