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Getting cheap website traffic to your website is actually fairly simple. We are going to cover three sources for getting cheap website traffic that does not involve any SEO or depending on the search engines at all for that matter.

“When I speak, everybody listens!” “If you don’t listen, or dares to reason out with me, you are against me, you are fired!” These are the favorite words of leaders who have become too powerful for their own good.

Today – BOOM – you’re in front of a group of strangers, introduced by a leader, probably by name and/or company name only, and they expect to hear 30-60 seconds about you.

Providing your opinion about something could take you at least 5 minutes. Doing this non-stop for an hour would mean taking 12 opinion jobs. That is a lot when combined, and payment for each job could go from $1 to $10. Thinking about it, you are making $12/hr, which is a lot better than what you can earn from a regular job.

There are so many sites out there that are giving away free MySpace layouts. Now you can search for these sites individually using your Internet Explorer but again this can become time consuming. Some Bot developers have software that will actually grab the profile s and download them for you. These are known as Activity tracking grabbers.

Was it greed, overconfidence, abuse of power, selfishness? It’s a strange thing though. When a wrong action has not been brought to the public’s eyes and still within closed doors, nobody dares to comment on it. We have a way to tone down the words to make it sound right. Thus greed will be described as ambitious, go-getter, successful, achiever, top scorer, best performer…

That’s all well and good but to you it only means one thing. They faked you out and that is one of the disadvantages of internet dating. You are not really sure until it actually happens. Needless to say you are not a happy camper. But what can you do about it?

One final point to remember, the success of a classified ad is determined by the sales that are generated by the follow-up effort (the response information pack), not by the lead generating ad itself. It is important that you spend much time and effort considering the content to be included in your response pack, but that is another topic.

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