Finding Perfect Women’s Dresses

Prom is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start looking for dresses. If you’re like most girls (and their parents), you want a dress that is spectacular and memorable, but doesn’t break the bank. So how do you find a stunning discount prom dress that doesn’t scream “discount”?

Long Dresses with trains should be avoided at the beach. Warm weather at the beach and nervousness could make you sweat. So thick fabric should be avoided too. The idea of wearing long veils at the beach is a no-no. Beach For accessories, avoid high heeled shoes. As sand gets very hot, it would be good if you wear flats, pumps, sandals, flip-flops or stay barefoot. Bare feet it would be both easy to walk and chic too. Select trendy beach Knitwear, flat sandals and long stemmed flowers tied with a satin ribbon for stylish look.

If you want to be practical, you can always choose evening dresses that can be “recycled” for other special occasions. Times are hard these days, you know. For example, if you’re going to have a company party in July and are set to attend a wedding on August, then you might want to choose an evening dress that can be used for both occasions. Kind of hitting two birds with one stone…

If you are 5′ 3″ or shorter with a small build and an average sized bust, you’ll want a dress to complement the petite such as an empire, sheath or a-line prom gown. With a slit, you can make your legs appear longer. Or, you can look much taller by wearing a dress with a short hemline. The hemline might be ruffled, handkerchief, hi/low, or asymmetrical – whichever best suits you. There are also a-line and empire styles to take emphasis off your waistline if you are short-waisted. Your neckline could be sweetheart, halter, or v-shape.

Miss Selfridge also have a fantastic range of dresses to suit all womens’ shapes. They offer vintage inspired looks that are perfect for Christmas parties. There are corset dresses available to suit hourglass figures, bib dresses to suit pear shaped figures and a range of satin dresses that look stunning on athletic figures.

The style of the dress is equally important when dressing to flatter your shape. If you have an apple shaped figure, you should go for dresses that are not too clingy. Short loose mini dresses particularly suit this shape as they will show off your legs. You can hide a tummy with a dress design that is nipped in just above the waist. These styles are particularly fashionable this season. If you have an hourglass figure, a fitted dress will cling to your curves and accentuate your small waist. This Christmas, Ra Ra style dresses are popular. These work extremely well with pear shaped figures. They feature a flowing skirt which will disguise areas such as the thighs, and a fitted top which will accentuate a smaller top half.

These days it’s quite safe – and easy – to shop online. In fact, the Internet opens up a whole new world of possibilities for finding an affordable dress – but it all depends on how you search. A search for “discount prom dresses” or “clearance prom dresses” will yield numerous results, but also entering a past year (ex: 2007 prom dresses, 2005 prom dresses) will also yield some interesting – and affordable – results. Also be sure to search for bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses and evening gowns, since they all make stunning prom dresses.

Choose an evening dress that would best suit your body shape, skin tone, height and personality. It is important for you to know those aspects so that you will be comfortable wearing your evening dress during the wedding reception.

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