Free Father’s Day Printable Cards And Printable Activities

There are many characters kids have as their favorites. Their favorite characters from their favorite shows are cropping up all over the internet with coloring pages. Many of these coloring pages are free to print off for your children.

Kids love to make colorful pictures and there are plenty of online resources for free Easter coloring pages, puzzles, games, mazes and more. Below are a few of the better ones.

Cut out ball or pin shapes from colored paper. Write a catchy little saying on them and fill in the who, what, where and what time of the party, don’t forget an RSVP. Let’s Strike Up Some Fun At A Ten Pins Party For Suzie! or Strikes, Spares and Birthday Cake…Let’s Strike Up some fun. As soon as your party guests receive their invitations they will know they are in for some fun!

Begin the day off right by making Green Eggs and Ham. Not only will your kids love this different breakfast idea, but the whole family will have a blast. Finish off breakfast, by whipping out ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ and read to the children. The room will be filled with giggles!

If you are wanting to teach a little about Irish heritage, you may consider printing out some of these coloring pages. You will notice that there are several things that you can teach your class in regards to St. Patrick’s Day and some of the symbols that represent them as a culture all their own. If this sounds good for your classroom, please visit their site here.

Free Printable Christmas Angel Coloring Page #5: Christmas Angel with Gift (click here): This is a coloring page from This coloring page features a sweet little girl angel wearing a funky floral dress. This angel is holding a christmas gift in her hands.

Once the child has finished their coloring book, you can repeat the process each time a new coloring book is needed. This can also be used as a party favor for birthday or school parties. You can also create holiday themed coloring books as well with this method.

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