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There are some couples who would prefer not to opt for a modern love song for their first wedding dance. Instead, they would rather choose a classic. If you love Elvis Presley, this could be the solution for you and your spouse-to-be. Here is a list of Elvis Presley wedding song ideas that you may want to take into consideration.

Of course, Christian best New Punjabi songs aren’t just for the church. You can use these songs during your wedding reception as well. In fact, you may choose to play your first dance to a great Christian song. One great one to dance to is “By Hear, By Soul” done by Avalon. A couple other great options include “Holding Hands” by Steve Green, “Waltz for Jennifer,” by FFH, and “When God made You,” done by Newsong.

A good marriage is like the tango. In a healthy relationship between a husband and wife, communication is the key element to happiness. Caring and compromise are most vital to the kinds of communication that will lay a solid foundation upon which to build a successful marriage.

Sorrow, Tears & Blood, Fela Kuti – Fela Kuti’s music has a way of bringing the party out of the people. This song is a different take on best punjabi songs the Gothic theme in that is a bit more lighthearted. Fela’s song caters to the never-dying soul and should be played to celebrate life, rather then death.

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You can either print the pictures out yourself or have them printed up- either way it will not cost much. Then you simply put the picture of the bride and groom with a wedding guest on the table in the place they are suppose to sit. This serves to let everyone know where they should be seated and they get to take home the beautiful frame and the memorable photo of themselves with the bride and groom.

Though this song is slightly more upbeat, the lyrics can make it a great choice for a first wedding dance. Elvis sings, “You give me hope to carry on/ And you’re always there to lend a hand in everything I do/ That’s the wonder, the wonder of you.” This can be a really cute wedding song to take into consideration.

These are just a few of the numerous songs that would work well as the father daughter wedding song. They reflect sadness, joy, hope, loss – and in general capture the bitter-sweet essence of the wedding day for the bride and her father.

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