Is Credit Insurance Worth It?

Dr Mitchell Gaynor explains that the human voice, sounds of rain, wind, and the laughter of a child are all sounds of nature. Sounds that heal our bodies mind and soul. The human breath carries an energy or light force. In Chinese medicine it is called chi. They think of the breath as life energy. In yoga the energy that comes from the breath is called prana.

James is one of a set of twin brothers. Born in the Panama Canal Zone before the United States relinquished any rights to it, back in the 50’s. Their father was a retired army WW11 veteran, working for the FAA in the Canal Zone. He fell in love and married a beautiful, petite Panamanian woman and had two sons-twins. Carmen, a widow had a son from the marriage.

But before you go out to buy a handicapped stair lift, make sure you know what exactly you need. It is very important to buy the right one. You just cannot buy anything for anyone.

The fraud includes filing a false dependent on her adoptive mother’s tax return to gain more money. Money that never made it to the bank. From 2001, Carmen never got to spend her tax return. Vivian showed up after direct deposit and removed it, or wrote checks to various things for the total of the return. As in the case of the extra dependent year, she just got an Emerald Card from HR Block. No confirmation from her mother required or even asked for by these people. No power of attorney, no approval at all.

It is just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, who feels unloved and decides to run away from the home where she lives with her aunt and uncle. She is swept away by a tornado and winds up in the Land of Oz. As she follows the yellow brick road to find the Wizard of Oz, she meets Scarecrow who desires a brain, Tinman who seeks a heart and Cowardly Lion who wishes for more courage. By the time Dorothy reaches her destination, she discovers that happiness is a byproduct of helping others and that “there’s no place like home.” By venturing out into the unknown, she discovers what is truly valuable in life.

Obesity leads to increased absenteeism, increased insurance costs, including health and Certificate IV in Disability premiums, decreased employee retention, and lower profits. Obesity leads to problems with self-esteem and can directly affect worker performance. Despite how much money you make, you simply can’t perform your best if you are not taking care of your health.

Despite these consequences, the number one reason busy people can not stick to a diet is because they give in to their workplace environment too easily. Vending machines are stocked with sugared soda and teas, candy and snack bars, fried chips, and little else. Every week someone has a birthday or some other special day that must be celebrated with cookies, donuts and cakes. No one ever brings in fresh fruit and vegetables to much on as an alternative.

“Paying it forward” can be financial yes. But more often than not it is simply that small helping hand that someone needs right at that moment. It can be as simple as taking the neighbor’s kid to the park with you so mom can get a break. It can be passing on your knowledge through a free tutoring program. You can make extra for dinner one night and take it to the widow who lives alone up the street. It is about looking for the little things that can touch a person, and doing what you can to pass along what you have, no matter how little it is. How much better would the world be if we all thought like this?

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