Meditation With Movement

Meditation really began to gain traction in Western culture during the 1960s. The 60s was a decade of exploration, experimentation and expansion of the mind. When the biggest celebrities of the era The Beatles advocated meditation it quickly became the latest craze. While most crazes die out quickly meditation is most definitely here to stay. A 2007 survey produced by the U.S. government found that over 9% of the population had meditated in the last twelve months. That’s over twenty million people in America alone who mediate in the Western world.

It Promotes Mindful Living: Starting each morning with a short zen meditation baltimore session sets you up for the day. You prepare yourself to write and live on purpose. As you meditate, your mind is focused and you become more aware of the subtle and sublime aspects of your life. You move through your day with a sense of mindfulness and gratitude. Life is good. You experience each moment with delight. Happiness fills your life. Your writing has energy and meaning. Meditation infuses your words with that special spirit that is uniquely you.

Trying to stop your mind from thinking is like trying to stop a river from flowing with your bare hands… it’s exhausting and almost impossible to accomplish!

Beyond this, understand that “expectation” can be a bit of a hindrance to meditation. When we are “looking” for a particular experience or outcome, we tend to “close” our energy. Expecting, like efforting, engages the mind and can keep us from the experience we actually need. Again, it’s often best simply to be patient and to “open” to the energy of your meditation.

For day 4 you will need 20 minutes. Find a nice place to sit down where you can be comfortable. Read the basic passive meditation article on the blog. For 20 minutes you will just sit quietly and relax. The most important thing here is not to focus, don’t even focus on clearing your mind. You will just try to ‘let’ thoughts leave your mind. Just be mindful of the fact that you want to be peaceful, relaxed and quiet, and let it come to you. By the end of the 20minutes you will likely have thought of a million different things you need to do or feel like you need to think about. That’s ok, so long as you were mindful of the idea of quiet and relaxation.

Mindfulness meditation means to allow everything to come and go while remaining resting in the present moment. So first, allow yourself to breathe. Allow the breath to move in and out as it wants without trying to control it in any way.

If you yawn during meditation, don’t worry. It’s perfectly natural. When we do a lot of deep breathing, and enter a relaxed state, the body yawns naturally. Don’t fight it or think poorly of your ability to focus.

So take some moment at the beginning of your meditation and reflect on your intent, the very reason why you are sitting down and going within. Focus on it and let yourself connect to feeling it. Let this feeling of spiritual desire carry you all the way in.

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