Noticing Car Exhaust Issues And Installing A New Exhaust

When you get sick, you usually experience some fairly common symptoms – sore throat, fever, and headache; and you can usually tell if it’s getting worse – you can feel it coming on. When your car gets ‘sick’ – when it requires service – you can usually tell as well. Your car may emit a strange smell or warning lights may appear on the dashboard.

When a car talks, it’s important that you listen. Although you can’t converse with your car, try to figure out how it sounds. This will tell you the nature of the problem. Weird noises arising from your car can help you determine needed repairs and avoid unnecessary accidents later. So stop talking and hear what your car is trying to tell you!

If a dipstick breaks off this could be the reason behind the warning signals on the dashboard. This is easily remedied. The catalytic converter price guide or faulty airflow system in some cars are the reasons a check engine light may blink on. It is extremely difficult to gauge if a person is not in fact, a mechanic.

Your car’s computer monitors these sensors. If it detects a problem, the computer assigns it a trouble code and turns on the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) – your “check engine” or “service engine soon” light. So again it is not something to panic about and pull your car off the road if the MIL comes on. But you will probably have to do something scrap catalytic converter about it at some point. Your vehicle cannot pass an emissions inspection if the MIL is on, or if there are trouble codes in your car’s computer even if the MIL is turned off. Neither can you sell your vehicle if either of these is true.

It could be caused from different components such as the catalytic converter or the exhaust manifold. The catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device which converts toxic chemicals in the exhaust of an internal combustion engine into less toxic substances.

Sundays are car maintenance day for me. I do it in the afternoon. Afterwards, we have a couple of rounds of beer and fries while watching Sunday football.

The most important thing is to PAY ATTENTION! Be observant and don’t overlook (or over smell) when you notice things that don’t seem right about your vehicle. If it looks or smells wrong, it probably is. Also, remember to relay that information to your mechanic. They can usually diagnose an issue based on the symptoms; much like a doctor can tell when you are sick.

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