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Page rank was invented by Google, the largest search engine on the Internet. It starts from zero and goes all the way to ten. It is Google’s way of indicating the importance of a website. There is a higher tendency for these sites to rank higher in the search engines. For this reason, many webmasters do what they can to try and increase the page rank on their sites. The implication is that if they can successfully achieve a higher page rank, they will receive more traffic from Google.

Adding a 1-800 number to your website is a great idea because there is still a large portion of internet users who don’t want to enter their credit card information on any website. By adding a 1-800 number to your site you will be able to gain the business of people who feel more comfortable calling in an order and add more sales to your bottom line.

Qualifying questions usually ask things like occupation and if you use a certain product, always choose none of the above for occupation and always choose at least 3 products.

On December 9, 2009 -Three Trenton, Missouri residents lost their life at 10:48 a.m. that Wednesday morning in Grundy County. Nancy Groves, the driver of a 2001 Plymouth Neon drove over “uncontrolled railroad tracks” on 1st street in Trenton, MO, crossing the path of an oncoming Union Pacific Freight Train. Nancy N. Groves, 24, of Trenton, MO and her two passengers, Adam K Romesburg, 30, and Nina A. Spencer, 28 were all pronounced dead on the scene by Grundy County Coroner.

Besides the feedback number, a customer should always also look at the feedback comments left for a seller by previous buyers. Someone may certainly have a disgruntled customer occasionally who might leave a negative comment. However, the comments you find on a seller’ s Sports and more page tell you quite a lot about their business dealings in general. Someone who has several comments that indicate either shoddy products or very poor service should probably be viewed with caution.

To view the page rank of a site, simply install the Google toolbar. The Rank is indicated on a little green bar, on a scale of 0 to 10. Alternatively, you can check out a Google Page Rank site and query Google’s data centers directly to check the actual Rank of a site. Here are some tips on how to increase the rank of a forum.

Although, Nancy was not able to complete her Classmates profile, you can still post memories of Nancy on her page, which is still active and functional at this time.

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