Organize Your Jewelry With A Jewelry Box

This is when we all start getting those emails that want to steal our secret codes and passwords. You know the ones: “Your Account Is About To Be Closed,” “There’s A Block On Your Account,”, “Congratulations – You’ve Won The Lottery (that you never entered).”and my favorite “Could You Help Me Claim My Funds?”.

Occasionally the judgment debtor or a third-party, will claim some or all of what is in the Safe deposit box does not belong to the debtor. In that case the non-debtor co-owner would have to come forward and file a third-party claim of exemption with the Sheriff, indicating the source of the funds or assets. If you suspect shenanigans, you may be able to subpoena records related to the ownership of the contents of the Safe deposit box for sale.

Vienna and Zurich airports are also convenient national airline hubs. You can conveniently pass through these countries when travelling between other cities. Just arrange a stop over long enough to visit your stash; putting in or taking out what you need. For a safety deposit box locale you don’t need to seek out a tax haven. Any peaceful, stable country where property rights are respected is just fine.

We all want to collect money – the more of it, the merrier! What you need to know is that your homeowner’s policy wants nothing to do with your money – or almost nothing. The policy has a dollar limit on money, typically $200. That’s $200 for everything – not just what’s in your wallet. If it even looks, tastes, or smells like money, it’s included in the $200 limit – for example, banknotes, bullion, gold, silver, platinum, coins (including coin collections), and medals.

Suspend your mail and newspaper delivery, or have that trusty neighbor collect everything so it doesn’t gather on your doorstep. A pile of mail is a sure sign that your house is ripe for breaking in and entering.

And that’s not to mention valuable physical items as well such as jewelry and coins and things of this nature that you may not want to keep laying around in your house.

In case you are wondering, I am taking my own advice, for I do not want my remaining daughter or grandchildren to have the same financial nightmare. Doing your financial homework is a gift to those you love.

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