Pre Diabetes And The Glycemic Index – Here Is A Suggestion To Protect Your Pancreas

Normal blood glucose levels vary very little from person to person. There is a set range within which your glucose levels should fall in, anything outside this and you could end up with some kind of problems. Glucose mainly is a kind of an energy source in the body. It is created whenever you consume any form of carbohydrates. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin which ultimately helps in regulating the glucose in the blood.

In order to give your body the energy it is seeking, you eat more foods with carbohydrates. For most people they do this and don’t even know it. Few people understand how many carbs a food contains. After eating, your body then takes the carbohydrates from your food and turns them into glucose. Presto! You now have more energy.

There are two types of test-strip based glucose measurement meters currently available on the consumer market. These glucose meters don’t really do much besides read and process the date presented by the test strips.

Hoodia Gordonii has an active ingredient, P57. When this ingredient is consumed it takes on the same characteristics as 162 mg dl. From this point it makes your brain believe your body is full and completely satisfied, even when it is actually not!

If you stop watching portion control or binge because you are depressed or angry or just tired of it all, you have stepped into diabetes burnout. This is an area where diabetics get into trouble really fast.

What steps should you take before buying any watch of this nature? First, you have to involve your doctor. diabetes is common in many people but those people do not show up similar symptoms. Discuss your options with your doctor, Perhaps a wristwatch is not the best for you or maybe is it is. Ask your doctor for guidance. If you get a go ahead from the doctor, then try your search on the internet. Many stores stock these watches. The major advantage you have is that you do not need to pierce your skin to suck blood anymore. All you have to do is to wear the watch on your writs all the times.

Glucocard x-meter blood glucose monitoring system has lots of features that can be applied in a simple and easy way. It has auto coding and only requires 0.3 micro litres of blood sample. It has a fast 5 second test time for an added benefit. It also allows you to alternate between testing spots, so you can pick the forearm, upper arm or palm for blood testing. You can also double dose the test strips which creates less waste.

Then there is third way in which you have to order directly to the vendors of the devise. You just need to tell them your financial problems and they will provide you with a free glucose monitor.

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