Rubber Wheel Stops – Alternative To Concrete Wheel Stops

You can create heaven with brick pavers and concrete blocks. Any commercial complex can be turned into an excellent landscape as clubs, polo ground or resort etc. If you want an excellent landscape you need to have granite, gravels, pebbles, concrete, sand, soil in bulk. Garden landscaping needs to be done through all these materials. Or else you can even make driveways, pedestrian paths, and courtyards. With these materials and creativity you can create wonderful state of the art creations. Commercial complexes are built like this only. One more thing about this is they need very low maintenance.

It is not that hard to create the outdoor space that you want. Sure many people like to add things such as swimming pools, outdoor fireplaces, built in barbeque grills, fish ponds, decorative concrete pathways and waterfalls. These are all examples of elaborate features that you might see in many contemporary backyard designs of today. They can be added to your outdoor living space a little at a time.

Guest parking spaces and a turn court can be easily added to your driveway plan and designed so that it does not block passage of other cars. It should be located near your garage or the path leading to it. If parking for a large number concreting of cars are needed more space will be needed. This space should be located a distance from the front entrance of the house but constructed of the same material as the driveway for esthetic appeal. The pass court near the garage should be wide enough so that a car can stand at the door and another can pass along side it with out interference. The court should be about 30 feet long and 16 feet wide.

Now let’s look at your market. If your market has residential homes with basements you’re in luck. There are millions of homes (and commercial properties) with unfinished basements.

Decorative concrete makes a fantastic change to old, tired concrete. It is stain resistant, making it great for areas such as garages or exposed aggregate concrete. It is also non slip, so it makes a great safe flooring for wet areas. It also makes it a great choice in flooring for cafes, restaurants and other businesses that involve working in wet areas. It has a low maintenance, hard-wearing surface and is a cost effective solution to your flooring problems. Cleaning is also done with less effort in this kind of flooring. All you need is a sweep and a light mopping to give back that clean look to your floor.

I work at trying to help contractors refocus their business. Those that follow the concept of specializing in small markets are seeing their business succeed.

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