St. Louis Residents: Educate Yourself About Christmas Tree Fire Safety

There are few tragedies worse than a fire. Even when everyone walks out alive, the pieces of people’s lives are left charred and burned in the remains. Pictures, valuables and important documents tend to all be lost. There’s no getting some of these items back. It’s a sad fact of life and especially one with fires; items that aren’t protected can be lost to tragedy. But there are some things people can do to protect their valuables and sentimental items in case of a blaze. Fireproof safes are one way to ensure items are protected. They’re even designed to handle a lot of different items, too.

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Here are some safety tips for keeping the area around the pool as safe as possible. Please understand that these are the MINIMUM measures, and all pool owners need to decide for themselves the best way to protect swimmers.

Area rugs can beautify and add warmth to any home, but they won’t be of any use if they slide all over the place. Be sure to use adhesive or double sided tape so the rug is secure when walking on it.

Tragedies often happen when survivors of a fire go back to the burning house to save someone else. Instill in your children to never return inside the house under any circumstances even if a member of the family or a pet is still missing. Report this to the professional firefighters to avoid further injuries or deaths.

In planning for an escape route for your family, it is important to have two methods to escape in each part of the house. This is done in the likelihood that your other exit is blocked or bursting in flames. Remind the children to never to leave things that can obstruct passageway to an exit. Fire safety techniques also include teaching children how to cover their face and use a towel in grabbing items to prevent burning themselves.

Third – Get your barbecue propane tank out of the way! If you have a barbecue near your house, shut the tank valve, disconnect it, and get it away from the house.

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