The Internet Dating Crash Course – Lesson 3 – Let’s Make Your Online Dating Profile Pop!

Well, here you are, you have finally done it, signed up to an online dating site. What next? You ask yourself. Now you have to put together your profile. The profile is what potential dates will look at first, then they will decide if they want to contact you, reply to any messages that you have sent to them or just move on. The profile is the first point of contact in the online dating world. A great well thought out and well put together profile will put you in an excellent position to profit in the love stakes. The following are five top tips for putting together that killer profile.

What Do Other People Think Of Them? At this point, the person is wondering if you have any friends and if you’re accepted socially. You can alleviate the person’s concerns by including Follow me photos that show you out with friends or at least in the vicinity of other people. This shows that you’re not a hermit living in his/her grandparent’s basement. And if you are, that’s cool, just be honest. Chances are there’s a match out there just for you.

The first assumption that people make is that using online dating is somehow ‘easy’. You just put your details on there, and hundreds of ideal prospective partners will be sending you message after enticing message. Sure, it’s a convenient technology, but you really do have to put considerable thought and effort into presenting yourself well, just as you would going on a first date in the physical world.

5) Ensure your online profile is short but sweet. Make the information on your profile interesting and not too lengthy. You don’t want to bore people with a list of your favourite movies, books and artists. Don’t reveal everything in your profile. A bit of mystery is a good thing.

It is typically the male half of the Couple who does the bulk of the online profile leg work in figuring out what Couples to message. Therefore try to figure out which photos your male half finds attractive and would want to click on and try to replicate them in your own private photo shoot and use one of those photos as the main photo to entice people to view your profile.

I do, however, teach men and women how to transform their mediocre profiles into expressions of greatness. All the time. You see, were I to write your blasted “essay” for you the real problem might actually be exacerbated rather than helped.

Why is this important? Because it helps us visualize you on the job doing what you do during the day and it helps us to connect with that image and with you. It further defines who you are and helps us figure out if we want to connect with you. If you are a butcher and the woman reading your profile is a member of PETA and a staunch vegetarian then why waste time emailing and chatting and then meeting if she knows in her heart of hearts that this will never work?

If you concentrate on these online dating tips and get your profile focused and clear, with a good photograph, then you can look forward to meeting the right guys. You will save yourself time, money and maybe the heartache on no-hope dates.

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