The Role Of The British Indian Army In The Abyssinian Expedition Of 1868

We have been reading of the ancient world of Atlantis where women ruled and we now have women recruits in most armies of the world including the United States, Russia and India. But the question that begets an answer is to how efficient or potent women as soldiers are, compared to men. For centuries women did accompany men into combat but as ‘camp followers’. Their purpose was to provide comfort and sex to men after the heat of battle. Camp followers have been seen in the American Civil war as well as the British campaigns in the sub continent. Camp followers are civilians who follow a military unit from place to place, especially as vendors of supplies or as prostitutes.

But modern armies have done away with this system of camp followers. They are thought to be an anachronism. We have however women recruited as soldiers and airmen to be along with the men. Definitely the women in the absence of ‘comfort women’ do add a feminine touch. But the fact remains that biologically a woman is unsuited to be a professional soldier.

Some of my friend suggested to go to Goa Medical College and Hospital Panji. I also went there. They also admitted and tested. After Muscle biopsy report, they told me, it is Muscular Dystrophy. I requested them to tell me more about this decease. They explained me that muiscular dystrophy has no any cure. It is incurable disease. After some time you will need wheal chair. You will no more walk on your legs. Your limbs muscles are wasting, no any re-generating activity is detected.

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Track and field events consist of the speed races and the events of brawn and strength like the hammer throw, javelin and discuss throw. There is also the marathon and the decathlon. But a look at the record books will show that only one name consistently pops up, Milkha Singh. It is a matter of eternal shame for the Indian nation that apart from Milkha Singh no other man made a mark in any event at the international level in any track and field sports for close to a hundred years.

In 1984 India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards in reprisal for the Indian Army Rally attack on a Sikh shrine four months earlier.

Jantar Mantar is another attraction in Delhi that captures the attention of the tourists. It is better to go Jantar Mantar in morning as the tourists will get the better understanding of sunrays, altitude, and many other astronomical facts. The scientists, historians and common tourists frequently visit the place. It is geometric in shape and shows the keen interest in astronomy and planets of the people of the time.

The Japanese were pushed back through Burma. It was bitter fighting but the ‘Forgotten army’ carried the day. Now when more that 60 years have elapsed it is incumbent on historians to give credit to Field Marshal Slim’s forgotten army. The soldiers who fought along with this army certainly deserve it.

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