The Tesla Roadster – All-Electric Sports Car

Understanding how to build your first electric car is not really hard as presumed. In 1995, it took us about 2 weeks to convert a Toyota Corolla for only few hundred dollars. I know that the question on your mind is how we did it? Not to worry before you go through this article and follow the steps. I bet you, you will certainly be up to speed.

There isn’t much information yet about the Trabant horsepower concept, other than that it will have a range of about 150 miles, weigh less than 2,200 pounds, and have a rooftop solar panel to help recharge its battery.

Decide on a specific model that you want by studying the various features, size and price of some muscle car models available on the market. Some models, such as a fully restored 1969 Chevelle can cost upwards of $50,000 or more, while other models from the same year such as the Nova, can be had for half that amount.

Another way of selling a car would be placing advertisements in the local newspaper, local radio station, book stores, restaurants etc. make sure that the advertisements are complete. Put all the details of the car. Add photos of your car so that the buyer can get an idea of how the condition of the car. Photos are very helpful in selling a car.

USA Today reports that about six out of 10 (57 percent) of American drivers say that they will not buy an electric car regardless of gas prices. And the reasons why Americans have such an attitude towards electric vehicles? Drivers are concerned about electrics’ limited driving range, the amount of time required for recharging, and battery pack replacement cost. To sum it up, Americans seem to be saying – give me something better and less costly than what I drive now!

Toyota Motors have high hopes with the future of hybrid vehicles. Not only was it evident in the research and development that they put into the famous Toyota Prius. They proved the sincerity of this belief by introducing other models of the SUV line. They introduced to the market the Highlander hybrid and Lexus SUV hybrid in the year 2005.

Super glues, or solvent type glues work fairly well and plastic is very easy to cut in straight lines, you need only score it with the blade and then snap it along the line. The third possibility is solid foam like that used in insulation. The first two are available at any hobby shop and the foam is available at a hardware store. There are always the old standbys paper and cardboard, but they do not offer any more ease in construction and will not have the strength of the other three I mentioned.

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