Thought Vibration (Part 1) – Motivational Speaker (Nnos Studios Of Ohio)

Have your parents or grandparents ever advised you to be friends with good people, to seek out people who have a positive outlook? There’s a famous saying: “You’re only as good as the company you keep”. Basically, it’s The Law Of Association which is one of the spiritual and universal principles that apply everywhere.

If we are focusing on gratitude, we can’t be negative. Positive and negative thoughts cannot co-exist. As we climb, we lift the other person. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting our blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that we receive. It helps to learn to live our life as if everything were a miracle, and being aware on a continuous basis of how much we’ve been given. This shifts our focus from what our life lacks to the abundance that is already present. Giving thanks makes people happier and stronger, it strengthens relationships, it increases health, and it reduces stress.

Brian: Fred Taylor is superior to Warrick Dunn except in staying healthy. Taylor has more rushing yards , more rushing touchdowns and more overall TDs despite playing in 38 fewer career games. Dunn has better receiving totals than Taylor sports motivational speaker but that’s largely because of how they were used. Taylor caught 40 or more passes three times in his career, so he clearly could have been more valuable in the passing game if his team chose to use him that way more often. Taylor would’ve been remembered as one of the top backs in NFL history if he could’ve stayed healthy. As it is, he’ll still be remembered as a better back than Dunn.

First, write your goals down on a piece of paper. Contemplate on these goals and see if they are specific, manageable, applicable, rational and time-bound. If they don’t follow these qualifications then you need to start tweaking your sets of goals.

What is the most important difference between unsuccessful businesses and successful ones? Unsuccessful businesses fail to follow up with additional products or services, while successful businesses have a variety of offerings in their sleeves.

You have probably heard of this challenge, but have you ever done it? For the next 30 days do not watch any TV or radio news programs, newspapers, talk shows, etc. Instead use that time to listen to good music, read a good book, listen to a motivational speakers business. Another thing you should do is to remove all verbal criticism for this time period. Yes, that definitely includes your spouse.

#4 – Laughter is a good teacher! Great teachers almost without exception employ humor as part of their effective arsenal of teaching tools. If you work with children, this becomes even more essential. We often retain things more quickly and for longer periods when we connect the information to some form of humorous presentation.

To develop this Millionaire Mind requires effort but the rewards are far greater that I ever imagined. After my life changing experiences and successes I devoted my life to helping others develop their Millionaire Mind and live the successful and happy life they deserve. I was encouraged to write a book, I wrote this book thinking of others who may have financial difficulties, those who feel like giving up, those who feel like happiness skipped over them and to show everyone that If I can do it so can you! Today is your opportunity for a destiny change. Learn the formula that will most certainly guarantee you Success, Happiness, Health, and Wealth. This is your time Now!

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