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This independent film is about a young boy seeking a musical career. Encouraged by his father, who leaves for a war zone, the young singer faces difficulties in his absence.

“I think advertisers realize there is more frequency to their message because there are additional viewers outside the home. But they don’t realize that so many of these are additional viewers,” says Lynnae Psaras, vice president of T-TAM.

Stories that surfaced in January 1908 claimed that The Hope Diamond was cursed, but some would suggest that this curse was the invention of Westerners of the Victorian era.

First and foremost, tragedy involving several of her five children, including a taxi cab accident that brain damaged her infant son in 1961 and the measles-related death of her 7 year old daughter, Olivia, in 1962. In later years, Neal’s daughter Tessa went public with her lifelong battle with depression and drug addiction which, according to Daily Mail , included a suicide attempt.

Neal’s obituary in the Los Angeles Times outlined her impressive career, which included two 123movies with Ronald Reagan and a 1963 Oscar for the movie “Hud”. But it also served as a refresher on the many obstacles the actress encountered throughout her life.

The Moussaieff Red diamond once known as the Red Shield Diamond is valued at 7 million and is by no means an insignificant diamond because of its’ size when compared to others.

I have really enjoyed my Coby TF-DVD7005 portable DVD player. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I could enjoy watching a movie on a small screen. It is great for trips, and is also nice if you are at home and you want to watch a movie and someone else is already watching TV. It definitely gets my full recommendation if you are in the market for a portable DVD player.

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