Wedding Dress Preservation Options

Usually, once we travel, we do not bring only one bag. We don’t choose if they should bring a large, hard-shelled suitcase or to just pack our items in a lightweight carry on luggage. Usually, especially when were vacationing with a group on a long trip, we carry all of the bags included in our luggage set. We occassionally even need to bring garment bags with us.

The next container has compressors, and lots of heavy-duty equipment. Lots of stuff in the back has tarps over it, and Scott has his eye on it, while Jesse and Scott battle it out until Jesse wins it for $2,500. As Sean and Jesse look through it, the compressor and huge fan will give Jesse one-third of his money back. Under a tarp is an antique wood planer that Jesse is sure to get $1,500 for and a big industrial lathe. Jesse wants to make a baseball bat with the lathe, so he can use it on Scott.

If, however, your dress is good old polyester, with little or no trim, it can stay happily on its hanger in a garment bag for seven months. A very heavy dress might start to pull apart after seven years of this treatment, but polyester is remarkably stubborn stuff. A 100% polyester dress with no appliqued trim can be washed in the washing machine and allowed to drip dry, too.

Lightweight plastic stackable storage bins are great to use in the attic for organizing items by season and type. They stack nicely and are easy to label and color coordinate. Arrange them against the walls to keep pathways clear for walking and moving around.

You won’t be able to properly attack the closet mess until you have all parties present and accounted for. Make an effort to find those items that you’ve been missing for a while. Gather all the laundry (and accessories) so that everything is in one place and ready for the next step. You can coordinate this effort in a bedroom; utilize the bed or floor as an excellent workspace.

I have to admit that I am partial to leather luggage and garment bags are no exception…but only for carry-on. We have bi-fold bags but there are tri-fold irish dance garment embroidery as well to accommodate longer garments. These bags come in a variety of sizes as well as many different materials and lengths. Women will want a longer garment bag for dresses and coats while men can use a shorter bag.

You should dry clean your shearling coat a minimum of once per year, preferably in the spring. Over the course of the winter season, your coat has been exposed to all kinds of salts and oils that can degrade the wool over time. A regular dry cleaning at the end of the season right before you store the coat for the long-term, can help combat these destructive elements.

Luggage comes in all price range. The lower price ranges are the most disposable. Try to purchase a luggage set with a price range starting at $200.00 and ranging up to $1000.00. I am not saying you should actually pay that much for the luggage. I am just saying that should be the original price. Wait for luggage to go on sale.

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