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When using direct mail, it’s important to make sure your campaign is ready for take off. Did you pick a good mailing list? Are you using a real live stamp on the envelope? Is your offer good? Does your sales letter convey clearly what it is that you want to talk to them about? All of these questions are thing things that need to be answered if you want to have a successful direct mail campaign.

Prelude – no hook introduction. Does your short introduction grab attention right away? After your sizzling title has grabbed their attention to read your article then the introduction should hook them right away. You could start with a question about where they are now with solving their problem. Follow up with your article’s thesis and benefits to the reader. To get more people to read always include what’s in it for them in stamp making machine your introduction.

Another tip to follow is to use teaser copy on the envelope. Teaser copy is simply words on an envelope that is designed to entice a reader to open the envelope. I have seen both good and bad versions of teaser copy, so you will want to choose carefully the words that you put on the envelope.

It is important that we do not resist the process of doing things we do not like. We respect the time we commit to that moment, and put our mind and attention into accomplishing that task or going through that day. By being half-hearted, we are not only disrespecting our choice; we are also sabotaging our time, other people’s time and most importantly, disregarding our own experiences.

White or ivory is a great basic color for Stamp making machine because you can use any color of ink to stamp your images and then use coloring tools such as chalks, watercolors or markers to color in the image. A pack of color coordinating papers is also an excellent investment. You can purchase a block of paper with a number of different sheets that all coordinate with each other making your planning process that much easier! If you are not ready to invest in patterned papers or specialty papers, there are a few ways that you can liven up your card stock. With a few basic techniques you will be able to add an additional flair to all of your cards.

Now it’s important that you don’t follow bad advice. Some people will tell you to go into the phone book and randomly market their products and services to anyone that they see. With this technique, you will see slow results. You’ll get results, but it wouldn’t be as fast as if you were using direct response marketing.

Put your job application packet in a 9×13 envelope so you can mail your cover letter and resume flat and unfolded. Use the extra “real estate” – brown space – on the front side to include a compelling message such as “The information you requested is enclosed…” or “Credentialed Applicant” or something else germane. Of course, hand-write the message or get a stamp pad and red ink.

Now you can PREVENT this kind of theft by NOT giving your signature stamp to anyone who has access to your checks, credit cards, or any kind of personal information. Maybe that person is your office manager or receptionist. Maybe you can give it to your accountant and make your bookkeeper go to them to get your signature. Either way, by adding a second person to the mix whenever you go on vacation, thus giving the second person you’re signature stamp, you are taking steps to actively prevent embezzlement while you’re away.

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